Design Request System

This program will allow the designer of a project to receive information about underground facilities at a proposed work site during the planning stages of a project and later, generate a locate request from that information.

Design Information Request (DIR)
For member contact information when they are in the planning stages of a job. A DIR provides contact information for facility owners that have underground lines in the area of a design project. Users will be able to enter information about their project, map the area under consideration, and receive contact information for facility owners in the areas of the proposed design.

Design Locate Request (DLR)
A DIR can then be converted into a Design Locate Request (DLR) to obtain actual marks in the field. Once a designer has contacted the facility owners, it is sometimes necessary to have selected utilities locate in all or a specific portion of the design project. This request will allow you to ask specific facility owners to mark underground facilities.

DRS Manual