Internet Ticketing (ITICnxt)

ITIC is our online ticket processing application made for professional excavators or anyone needing multiple or repeated locate requests. After a simple online registration process, users can enter and track locate requests for any number of excavation projects and keep an organized record of all of the tickets they have processed in one convenient place.

Private Utilities

Some underground lines in your work area may not be utility owned. These are considered private facilities and will NOT be marked by public utility companies. Types of private facilities include, but are not limited to, heating systems for pools, electricity for outbuilding, invisible fences, fiber optic lines, septic systems, and satellite dishes. If you think you may have private facilities you should contact a private utility locator to identify and locate them.

Emergency Procedure

“Emergency” means any condition constituting a clear and present danger to life or property, or a customer service outage.

  • An emergency excavation is exempt from marking the boundaries of the job in white paint.
  • An emergency excavation is exempt from two business days’ notice provided that the excavator provides notice to 811 at the earliest practicable opportunity.
  • An excavator who, during excavation, contacts or damages an underground facility shall notify the facility operator and 811.
  • If the damage causes an emergency condition, the excavator causing the damage shall also call 911 to alert the appropriate local public safety agencies and take all appropriate steps to ensure the public safety.
  • No damaged underground facility may be buried until it is repaired or relocated. The appropriate facility operator shall arrange for repairs or relocation as soon as is practical or permit the excavator to do necessary repairs or relocation at a mutually acceptable price.
  • ALL facility operators and excavators who observe or cause damage to an underground facility must report the damage event via the D.I.R.T. system within 45 days.


Dig Safe Training is a way to become a recognized and certified excavator. In this training, you will learn to set safeguards for construction and excavation, protect public health and safety, stay abreast of law changes and regulations, and to define responsibility & liability.